Ardor from posted a question about simplifying his charlieplexed code,  and I didn’t have a straight answer for him because I haven’t charlieplexed before.  So in order to solve this I built myself a 6×5 led array using 6 wires.  I pretty much copied Andrew Magill’s design on everything except I’m using an Arduino.

so my answer for simplifying the code was two arrays… one that would store the led location and one that would decide whether to turn it on or off. once i had that figured out then i just mixed in my code for processing the winamp data and that was it. the hardest part was trying to get a 950 micro second delay working.. on all my previous projects this wasn’t hard but for some reason this one put up a fight.

I’ll be working on a detailed tutorial later on this week.

5 thoughts on “Arduino + Winamp charlieplexed 6X5

  1. I’ll try working on it this week, i’ve been trying to get school out of the way while trying to finish up some projects.

    a good starting point would be to start with the link i posted above for Andrew Magill’s page.

  2. Already did that. :)
    i just need the code now. From the above i think Charlieplex.h is missing.
    I dont want to rush you. Take your time.
    Thanks for the reply.

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